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Cosmetic Procedures

shutterstock_83615335What is cosmetic dentistry?
It is dentistry that enhances improves or changes the appearance of your teeth and smile. There are numerous cosmetic procedures that range from a simple composite (white) filling to complete smile makeover using porcelain veneers. At Sperbeck Dental we want  you to help with your cosmetic questions.

Professional Bleaching
Whitening your teeth is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your smile. Whether done at home or in the dental office you can erase years of stain on your teeth.

For those patients who prefer to do their professional whitening, we offer a tray delivered whitening system. This is professional strength whitening product and is much stronger than what can purchased over the counter.

Although it depends on the strength or solution and amount of time you choose to wear your trays, most patients achieve the results they are looking for within a month.

In office professional bleaching is also available. The in-office session usually takes about 90 minutes. During this procedure a gum protectant will be placed and a bleaching solution applied to the teeth. We currently use Boost! Teeth Whitening System. This is the strongest solution on the market today. The bleaching solution is placed and rinsed for two-three twenty minute session. You can expect to see your teeth color lighten by 1-2 shades at this initial session. Custom home bleaching trays will be made and you will be sent home with the trays and home bleaching kit that you will continue to use until you reach the tooth shade desired. Most patients reach their desired shade within a few weeks.

Many patients ask how long their new whitening will last. The short answer is, it depends. Most patients should be able to keep their shade nice and light by maintaining their regular hygiene appointment (this helps remove any surface stain) and by purchasing and using bleaching gel for about a week after each hygiene appointment. If you are a heavy smoker, drinker or drink a lot of acidic drinks such as coffee, tea and soda you r teeth will stain more easily.

Please call Sperbeck Dental at 480-821-1047 for all your cosmetic questions or needs. We are always willing to take some time and consult with you regarding any treatment you are considering.