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Hygiene/Preventive Care


Preventive Dentistry in Chandler, AZ

Prevention is the best option when it comes to your dental health and is our priority. We believe our hygiene team is second to none. You will be examined by our knowledgeable hygienists who have received specialized training in not only protecting your teeth and gums but also in how your oral health affects your overall health. A custom hygiene plan, just for you, will be developed. By combining consistent home dental care with regular dental visits, we can help you achieve beautiful healthy smiles for a lifetime.

Care for Adults

A dental prophylaxis (official term for a professional dental hygiene cleaning) is vital to not only the beauty of your smile but also the entire health of your body. Our hygiene team is second to none and will develop a hygiene plan customized specifically to your needs. To maintain good overall health, regular dental visits are a must. It has been estimated that for every dollar spent on preventative dentistry saves anywhere between $8 and $50 on restorative and emergency dental care. It is recommended the most adults have a prophylaxis in our office at least every six months and patients with gum disease every three to four months. At your visit the following procedures will most likely be included in your treatment:


Dental x-rays are very important to allow Dr. Sperbeck to see  in-between the teeth, the roots, bone health and check for any oral cancers. Two-thirds of the tooth is only visible via x-ray. We use state of the art digital x-rays which allows for much less radiation (in fact the typical x-ray series exposes you to less radiation than a plane ride or 15 minutes out in the sun), clearer image that makes it easier to diagnose any issues. We take four kinds of x-rays in our office. The first is periapical or PA x-ray. This is a single image of a tooth that allows both the top and root of the tooth to show. This is typically the kind of x-ray taken when a patient is experiencing pain or other issues on a single tooth or side of mouth. The next is called Bitewings or BWX. BWX’s are taken once a year and are a series of four images focusing on your upper and lower molars. BWX’s are typically taken once a year. These are cavity detecting x-rays as they allow us to see in-between the teeth, where most cavities occur. The third type is called an FMX or full mouth series of x-rays it is about 20 films and incorporates both PA’s and bitewings and is the most detailed of all the x-ray procedures. This is typically done the very first visit, as it gives us a great comprehensive view of your overall dental health. After the first visit, we will take an FMX once every 3-5 years. The fourth kind of x-ray is called a Panoramic X-ray, or Pano. A pano is a simple procedure where you will bite on a bite block while a scanner rotates around your head. This x-ray is used for the same diagnostics as an FMX but is only suitable for youth and adults who have had routine hygiene care and no gum disease.

Oral Examination

An exam charting all your existing dentistry, measure your gum health and diagnosing any treatment needed will be complete. Dental problems are often not limited to the mouth. Many symptoms of physical ailments are found in your mouth. Dr. Sperbeck and our hygienists are trained to look for signs of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, eating disorders and oral cancers. We will take the time to go over any issues or concerns you have about your dental health. In addition, as oral cancer is on the rise, a full oral cancer screening is included with every exam.

Care for Children

We recommend that children start being seen in our office at the age of three for routine dental visits. The whole dental team truly cares for children and will do their best to make sure your child has a comfortable and enjoyable dental experience. A child’s visit usually starts out with showing the child around our office and familiarizing them with the whole dental experience – the chair, the instruments, etc. An oral examination will be performed where the teeth will be counted and any needed treatment will be diagnosed. The teeth will receive a professional teeth cleaning and polish. Additional treatments such as Fluoride application and sealants may also be performed. Of course we can’t forget -you get to select a small prize at the end of your visit!

Fluoride Treatment

We use flavored foam directly applied to your teeth to deliver Fluoride. Fluoride treatment helps prevent the development of tooth decay and allows your teeth to be more resistant to acid attacks from plaque, bacteria and sugar. For best results, it is important that you wait 30 minutes after application to eat or drink.

Tooth Sealants

There are small grooves on the biting surfaces of your teeth. These grooves cannot be cleaned very well. As a result, this is one of the most common areas for decay to begin. We can seal these grooves to prevent tooth decay. Sealants are one of the most economical and effective treatments you can do to invest in your teeth.